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Vintage Farms below ........... 

The Hunter Companies



  In 1989, we set out to prove that keeping it simple allows for focus to "dedication to detail".  Take a tour of our site and discover how The Hunter Companies continues that dedication every day.


Click on any photo below to tour our Galleries.


​Click on the photo above to tour the gallery


​Click on the photo above to tour the gallery


Click on the photo above to tour the gallery

From Equine Facilities to Banking Institutions, Church Facilities and Shopping Centers to State of the Art Veterinarian Hospitals, Hunter Construction Management, Inc. has you covered.

Hunter Homes, Inc. provides the quality, timeliness and value you demand in building your Dream Home properly.

Waiting to discover that perfect location to build your own home?  Hunter Construction Consulting has your solution......Check out our newest Lakeside development by clicking on "DEVELOPMENTS" above. The Harbor Reserve on Beautiful Skiatook Lake is where it's at!!!!


"there was NEVER a problem that wasn't addressed with enthusiasm, skill and a total willingness to make all of our dreams a reality."


L. James, Home Owner

"They have shown themselves to be resourceful time and time again, and they have the contacts to get the job done, no matter the size or complexity of the project.  Their attention to detail is to be applauded.”


D. Downing, Bank V.P.

"They managed the build and kept the costs down such that we were able to add some additional classrooms that we didn’t think we could afford in the first phase of construction."


Pr. N. Allen, Clergy

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